The Croatian Ministry of Tourism held an Infoday within the INHERIT project on the island of Lošinj, Croatia, in cooperation with Mali Lošinj Tourist Board, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, The...

Region of Western Greece is conducting a study that aims to shape a policy for endorsing local gastronomy as well as develop an action plan to promote gastronomic tourism across the Region.

Two electric boats built in the Dalmont Shipyard in Kraljevica, Croatia, will carry a total of 100 passengers and 4 crew members, with space for 4 wheelchairs. These two boats will have a direct...


INHERIT is a 4 year project that aims to conserve and valorise natural heritage in MED coastal and maritime tourist destinations, alleviating the adverse effects of overcapacity tourism in these areas through the promotion of sustainable tourism. The project will test and deploy a new approach in promoting  sustainable tourism that includes:

  • A novel mix of measures (e.g. ICZM-MSP integration, “bottom-up” waste management initiatives) to protect its natural heritage from mass tourism effects (excess construction & waste, desertification-erosion, exceeded capacity of specific destinations, tourism seasonality);
  • A strategy of transnational cooperation to form a network of MED areas, namely INHERITURA areas, which will prioritise the enhanced protection of their natural heritage as an asset to develop sustainable tourism activities (e.g. sea caving in the MED, MED inland tourism itineraries, remote islands activities) and to ensure responsible development.



Million € Budget


Project Lifetime's Months