The goal of the challenge? You have until June 2020 to send your most beautiful photos or selfies picking up a waste, to boost waste collection


The #MarseilleTri2020 challenge has been launched by the company Citéo and the association Planète Biodiv. The actress Aurélie Vanek (Plus Belle La Vie) sent the kick-off as godmother of the challenge. 

Playing is very simple:

  • you just have to register for the event;
  • take a photo or a selfie, making your gesture of sorting packaging and paper and share it on the Facebook page dedicated to the challenge with the hashtag #MarseilleTri2020;
  • mention two people on your post.

Many gifts are to be won (match tickets, gift cards, planète Biodiv t-shirt …) 

The results will be announced at IUCN, the World Conservation Congress to be held from 11 to 19 June 2020 in Marseille.

More information can be found here.