Ecology and Fun in the croatian island of Murter

The Croatian island of Murter is known for environment and cultural heritage protection. The numerous volunteer cleaning activities called "I love Murter" are organized throughout the year. Also, a non-governmental and non-profit organization for nature, environment, and sustainable development “Argonauta” was founded by a group of Murter`s enthusiasts in response to the growing need for civil society organization to take care of the nature and environment of the island of Murter and its wider area.

However, besides the great enthusiams of locals regarding environmental and natural heritage protection and valorisation of natural assets of their island they really know how to “party” during February but at the same time to protect nature and environment of their island.

A good opportunity to  witness this is to visit the Island of Murter and the Kornati National Park during Murter Days of Carnival (21st  - 25th  February 2020) and enjoy untackled nature. Although it is a popular summer destination, the island of Murter is becoming more and more interesting to tourists during winter months, especially during Murter Days of Carnival known as “Murterske bake” (literally translated as “Murter’s Grandmothers”). This 130 year-old manifestation of  "Murter grandmothers" is a true spectacle and experience that everybody talks about. It is undoubtedly one of the most original and fun carnival parade in Croatia. Innovative masks, which are a major feature of the carnival are original ones and all made on the island.

This Carneval has attracted a large number of tourists during winter, so over time it has turned into a traditional fun event that is partly a reaction to social problems and life circumstances on the island. In line with the increase in the number of guests, this traditional custom has become a part of active winter tourism  in the Murter Kornati Municipality.