A new important chapter for Croation tourism

The new Act on Tourist Boards and Promotion of Croatian Tourism modeled on destination management organisations and at the participation level, has entered into force in the Republic of Croatia, on 1st of January 2020.

A destination management organisation is defined as an organisation that brings together stakeholders from the public, private and civil sectors for the purpose of the strategic and operational destination management and realization of a mutual vision, which has been previously agreed.

The principle of destination management implies the tourism activities of stakeholders within the purposeful business cooperation and creation of an integrated and competitive destination product. One of the main targets of  tourist communities will be  the full representation of specific local/regional interests by strengthening the local/regional initiative and connecting stakeholders at the local/regional level in order to create the internationally competitive tourism products. The purpose is also improving the conditions of  tourists stay in destination and developing awareness of the importance of the economic, social and other effects of tourism,  as well as the need and importance of preservation and non-compliance of all elements of the tourism resource base of the destination, particularly the environment, natural and cultural heritage protection in accordance with the sustainable development principles.

By adopting these laws, the new chapter for Croatian tourism will be opened, as well as global trends and modern tourism adapting. The representatives from all level of tourism communities and representatives of local and regional self-government units participated in creation of legal proposals. The special attention was paid to the underdeveloped tourism destinations.