Activity 4.3: IPTO (Croatia) selects Mali Brijun Island as testing area

For the pilot testing purpose of the integration of INHERITURA areas in ICZM & MSP zonation, Institute of Agriculture and Tourism along with the members of Brijuni National Park, visited Mali Brijun Island.

Mali Brijun is testing area for zonation activities and the field research was carried out to obtain quality information needed for the zonation process.

Mali Brijun Island is one of the islands within the Brijuni National Park that is not valorized. It will be valorized as part of the INHERIT project and the Novo ruho Brijuna Project, which is the largest project in the history of Brijuni that will, by the summer of 2020, regulate visitor infrastructure, modernize tourist facilities, enrich educational and presentation facilities and improve the visitor management system.