Agyia marsh: an ecological treasure of Patras becomes accessible

The Agyia marsh is a rare ecological site that is in a close distance from the urban center of the city, something that almost cost its destruction, during the period of Patras urban development.

The rebuilding of Agyia march found its contractor and now is heading into its final stage. It is a project that will make one of the ecological treasures of Patras accessible and visitable.

It is a site with living and plant organisms worth exploring and seeing, but also a place for walks and sports. This project will enable the citizens and visitors of Patras not only to have access to this ecological treasure, but also to observe closely the nature and the interior of this world through observatories that will be built in several spots of the marsh.

The exploitation of the Agyia marsh will give it the potential to evolve into an educational park and a destination of alternative tourism. However, the interventions to be made will be small, so as not to alter the character of the site and its significant ecological value.

The design includes pedestrian bridges, upgraded pedestrian streets, bike paths, benches, picnic areas, wildlife and marshland observatories, and kiosks for raising ecological awareness. It is a project that is part of the Sustainable Urban Development program, with a budget of 3 million euros.

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