Be more environmentally friendly while you are sailing: sustainable tips

Take care of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea.

With more than 1.000 islands, islets and reefs and incredible nature, great food and wine, history, and culture, it is no surprise that sailing in Croatia is one of the favorite tourists’ activity. If you come sailing in Croatia or in any other spot at the Mediterranean sea, please make sure to reduce your impact on the environment of the Mediterranean Sea so future generations can also enjoy it.


There are many simple things you can do at sea to make less of an impact on the environment:

- don’t wear sunscreen while scuba diving;

- reduce plastic usage aboard;

– shop at local markets and 

- use reusable bags;

- use wooden pegs to hang clothes out; 

- don’t empty your blackwater near any shorelines, marinas or in bays. Lastly, if you see it, pick it up.

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