European Union Tourism Trend

The new report “European Union Tourism Trends”, published by the UNWTO in cooperation with the European Commission, provides a useful and comprehensive overview of tourism in the European Union and that it enhances the knowledge base of the EU Virtual Tourism Observatory, helping to shape evidence-based policies for the development of future initiatives in tourism in the European Union to the benefit of all its people.

The report is a must read for public authorites, tourism industry’s professional associations and decision makers. Since INHERIT is a sustainable tourism’s related project, we want to quote a passage from the report: “Tourism is a people’s sector in all its aspects and dimensions. However, data on tourism-related to employment is still fragmented, lacks quality and international comparability. This is the case not only at the international level, but also at the national level where different methods and sources often result in different figures and results. Enhancing the quality and comparability of tourism employment statistics would significantly improve the monitoring of tourism labour markets and the promotion of productive activities, as well as the effective use of qualified labour, the principal factor in ensuring sustainable tourism development and its contribution to economic growth and employment. Statistical data are indispensable tools for sound evidence-based decision-making, planning, implementation and monitoring of any policies and programmes. Consequently, the level of detail and the reliability of data, as well as of its interpretation and use, have a direct impact on the effectiveness of such policies and programmes. Among these are tourism statistics and tourism employment-related data, which are fundamental to understand tourism labour markets and devise adequate job creation policies, promote employment opportunities, plan workforce needs and develop human resources through education and relevant training”.