Inauguration of the first underwater museum in Greece

The first underwater museum in Greece, a trove of fifth-century BC amphorae labelled the “Parthenon of shipwrecks”, has been inaugurated, off the coast of Alonissos island in the western Aegean.


The museum will be open for divers, while people who can't dive can follow a virtual reality tour in the main town of Alonissos.

The site of the wreck will be open to tours by certified amateur divers from 3 August to 2 October.

The trove of two-handled vases was found by a fisherman in 1985. It is believed to be one of the most important of its kind because most of them are intact.

The authorities plan on opening four more ancient shipwrecks in the area, forming a diving park. This action promises a unique experience that is expected to attract more tourists and highlight the area as a prominent tourism destination.

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