Island Lošinj (Croatia): low carbon and clean energy by 2040

Selected by the European Commission's Clean Energy Initiative of the EU Islands in February 2019, Cres-Lošinj Islands (Croatia) and other five EU islands: Culatra (Portugal), La Palma (Spain), Salina (Italy), Sifnos (Greece) and the Aran Islands (Ireland) have each developed their own path of decarbonisation tailored to their individual needs and capabilities with a strong emphasis on citizen engagement.

The Cres-Lošinj Archipelago aims to completely decarbonise its energy system by 2040, which will partly be achieved by building community-owned solar power plants. Lošinj is an important nautical and tourist destination. Being the leader of sustainable tourism in Croatia, Lošinj was also chosen by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia to partecipate in the INHERIT project for the initial “Info Day” of the INHERIT project in Croatia.

During the “Info Day”, short interviews were recorded and now they are published on the  INHERIT YouTube channel

1. INHERIT Sustainable tourism development – Raising awareness of the natural heritage protection

2. INHERIT Sustainable tourism development : Protection of the marine environment

3. INHERIT Sustainable tourism measures and activities – Island of Lošinj

4. INHERIT InfoDay on the island of Lošinj – Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia

The questions in the interviews were raised by the pupils of the Ambroz Haračić Secondary School from Mali Lošinj, who are very much aware of the environment and nature, as well as the entire local community protection.  They acquired the "Diploma for School Atrium and Palm Garden" within the environmental education project "Most beautiful school gardens in the Republic of Croatia”, awarded by the Croatian Television. Every month on the island is dedicated to a different plant. Lošinj is justifiably known as an island of magical fragrance: mediterranean wild herbs, lavender and immortelle bushes, as well as olive and fig trees are just some of the elements for the title assigned to the island.

The best representative of the island's flora is certainly the "Fragrant Garden" with over 200 plant species. Mild spa climate, rich biodiversity, more than 1018 plant species (239 medicinal plants), high quality sea, first quality air and more than 200 sunny days per year are the advantages, making Lošinj a famous aromatherapy center and an ecologically aware, but also modern vitality and health destination.

In addition to numerous sports events, Lošinj offers its guests the possibility of numerous outdoor activities throughout the year, all accompanied by a rich natural and cultural heritage and delicious local gastronomic offer. An indispensable trump card is the unique ancient bronze statue - Apoxyomenos and the Museum of Apoxyomenos and Loger Nerezinac, a cargo ship more than 100 years old - a monument of Lošinj's shipbuilding tradition. Veli Lošinj is also well-known for the Institute “Blue World” - Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (BWI) working to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea – their research focuses very much on dolphins, sea turtles and other – residing the area around the island.

Therefore, the title of Mali Lošinj as the European Sports Island for 2020 is not surprising. It is an example of best practice for quality management in Croatia and a destination with more than 2 million overnight stays per year. Mali Lošinj has also won numerous international tourism awards and is the owner of the prestigious Ulysses Award for Excellence in Innovation and Tourism awarded by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2015 and the Award for Sustainable Development in Tourism (SKAL) in 2013.

In addition to 100 European destinations, Lošinj is among the first in Croatia to participate in the European Commission project: ETIS - European Tourism Indicator System for Sustainable Destinations, which is managed locally and is intended to monitor, manage and strengthen the sustainability of a tourist destination. Thus, in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, it earned its place among the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the World. It is the most successful health destination at the manifestation Croatian Tourism Days in 2016, then in 2018 the Best Summer Holiday Destination and the Most Successful Health Tourism Destination in 2019.

The sport and maritime that the island nurtures were recognized and awarded by the “Simply the best” Award for  Lošinj Sails Festival around the world and Eventex Awards (Art, entertainment & public- Sporting Event) for the Mercedes-Benz UCI Moutain Bike World Cup 2018. Also, in 2019, the Interpretation Center of Maritime Heritage of the island of Lošinj, Camp Nerezinac, won the annual Croatian Innovation of the Year Tourist Award.

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