“Kalavryta City Pass”: a new tourist product

Kalavryta (Greece) has a new tourist product designed from TRAINOSE along with Kalavrita Ski Center, Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust, kastria cave and winery “TETRAMYTHOS”.

With a single ticket, tourists can travel along the Vouraikos River Gorge with “Odontotos”, the journey from Kalavryta to Diakopto, free entrance to the Kalavrita Ski Center as well as a ride to “Vathia lakka”, free entrance and tour of the Kastria Caves, as well as a visit to the Kalavritan Holocaust Museum.

This action enables tourists to visit the most prominent historical monuments, wineries and destinations of unique natural beauty in Achaia, with a single ticket.This pass is expected to provide tourists with a quite compelling experience, providing alternative destinations for tourists that up to now used to concentrate on the beaches.

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