More than 33 millions of visitors in Greece in 2018

The best "plot" of the planet, Greece, as it is commonly called by many actors in the tourism industry, has to mature its tourism product, as President of Tourism Business Giannis Retsos has repeatedly emphasized, as he characteristically said from the pitch of the Association's recent conference, "the narrative of bringing more tourists is over".

According to the data presented at the SETE Conference, visitors to Greece in 2018, along with cruise guests, exceeded 33 million. On average the expenditure per tourist amounted to 520 euros, while everyone left behind 2 kg of trash! This information intends to become the stimulus for interventions on the country's infrastructure. "If we want the country's tourism industry to continue to grow, the tourism product must mature," Mr. Retsos said.

Now, 68% of tourists want eco-friendly accommodation that will use Renewable Energy, Green Certified accommodation, etc. Scandinavian travelers are also susceptible to the use of airplanes because of high emissions, as mentioned in the recent Economist conference which focused on sustainability

The sun and sea model will certainly continue to be at the core of Greece's comparative advantage, but this should also be enriched and ecologically imprinted. Towards this end, the Minister of Tourism, Harris Theocharis, from the Economist has spoken of a new strategic plan that will result in consultation with tourism operators, so as to "talk" about new tourism products that the ecological footprint will not burden the environment.

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