Puglia Region starts planning the test actions in its Inheritura area

On 11th October 2019, the second technical meeting between the representatives of Puglia Region and those of the Regional Park of Coastal Dunes Torre Canne-Torre San Leonardo was held in Ostuni, Italy.

The Regional Park of Coastal Dunes represents the strategic area where Puglia Region will carry out the pilot actions foreseen by the project INHERIT linked to the sustainable tourism. During the meeting, participants discussed about the main characteristics of the pilot actions taking place within the park, particularly the involvement and participation of stakeholders. These pilot actions aim to create attractions in the inland areas through a participation path with stakeholders, in order to increase the sustainable tourism development and reduce the anthropic pressure along the coast.

Also,the evaluation criteria for the candidacy of the Park of Coastal Dunes as Inheritura area were discussed. As a matter of fact, the Park can be considered a landmark in the field of sustainable development: in 2018, the Regional Natural Park of Coastal Dunes reaffirmed, with a five-year plan of actions, the commitment made to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas of Federparchi, after having acquired this certification in 2012.