With the motto: A 4-wheeled bus carries the same number of visitors as 10 private cars with 40 car wheels, 'Calblanque 4:40' program’ regulates the access during the summer to the “Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas y Peña del Águila” Regional Park, Region of Murcia proposed Inheritura area.

Inside the Regional Park, conservation measures are necessary, which in certain periods involve restrictions on access by motor vehicles and visitors.

These measures are justified to ensure the preservation of the flora and fauna close to the roads and their surroundings since these are adjacent to fragile habitats of interest.

Also, the regulation of visitor traffic must be established, taking into account the public use of this space. Since 2010, the Regional Park has been regulating motor vehicle access in the summer period with an access control model

For this year 2020, the trend started in 2019 to extend the period of access management to another period of the year when the load capacity of the beach area of the Regional Park can be exceeded and access is restricted to areas of high ecological sensitivity that pose a threat to certain species present in the Park.

There are other measures in place such as parking regulation at night and bivouac in the beach area, regulation of the presence of dogs in the beach area for conservation reasons, permanent regulation of access by horse, bus and sport fishing, permanent road closures, etc.

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