The revival of a riverside path in Kato Ampelokipoi (Greece)

Hikers and lovers of alternative tourism will now be able to hike in a unique ecosystem of rare biodiversity in South Messinia, Greece. It is a riverside path that was revived in the geographical area of the village of Kato Ampelokipoi.

The process started with the collective initiative of the village and was completed with the voluntary work of its residents, who cleared the path and installed appropriate signs. In the future, this route will be part of the starting lineup of the already planned Mediterranean "Minagiotiko monopati Natura 2000".

As for the environmental identity of the area, important types of habitats are found along the trail, such as “Platanus orientalis” forests and “Olea and Ceratonia” forests. This area is adjacent to a protected area of the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas and it is eligible for integration into this network. This geographical area is also an additional shelter for various species of animals, even species from other types of habitats outside the boundaries of the Natura 2000 network. In fact, at least three endangered species of large eagles are notable elements of the local birdlife. These are the Aquila clanga, the Aquila heliaca and the Aquila chrysaetos.

Equally important is the cultural identity of the trail area. Along the path, the hikers can see many historical monuments of the area, such as the stone-built primary school located at the entrance of the village or millstones of two traditional olive mills that operated during the 20th century.


Photo credits: lower photo "Aquila chrysaetos" from Wikipedia.

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