Turtle eggs hatch at Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo (Malta)

A total of 73 turtles hatched from the nest at Gozo’s Ramla l-Hamra Bay over the past weekend. This is the first turtle nest recorded in Gozo in the past 70 years.

The nest site at Ramla Bay, which is a candidate INHERITURA site, was guarded day and night by volunteers in order to preserve the site from trampling, predators and excessive noise.

There are currently another 2 nesting sites that have been recorded in Malta, one at Ramla tal-Mixquqa (also a candidate INHERITURA site) and another at Ghadira Beach.

In the picture: the first hatchlings out of the nest at Ramla l-Ħamra.

Photo by Roy Davidson, the officially appointed photographer, using a night vision camera not to disturb the natural process.