Voluntary cleaning of Kastelokampos public beach

Under the coordination of Hellenic Union for the Protection of the Marine Environment, voluntary cleaning of Kastelokampos beach was completed with the participation of two primary schools, the unicipality of Patras and the cultural association “Η Δράση- The Action”.

Prior to the clean-up, educational information was provided by the staff of the Office for the Protection of the Marine Environment, with the promotion of relevant audiovisual material. The implementation of this action marks the beginning of future actions that involve students, teens, citizens and environmental organizations, along with the support of competent bodies in order to achieve a common goal, with the main focus being to raise the awareness of citizens on marine environmental protection.

The Central Port Authority of Patras expresses its gratitude to the Directorates, to the teaching staff of the participating schools, to the Parents Association and to the Municipality of Patras for their assistance in providing the necessary tools and materials, but mainly to the  students for their active involvement and the increased environmental awareness they have shown. Actions like this show that the public’s awareness is constantly increasing and their commitment to protecting the environment rises as well. 

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