A Mediterranean Biodiversity Consortium launched by six NGOs from Mediterranean basin

On March 12, the Mediterranean Consortium for Biodiversity was launched with the signature of six internationals NGOs: the Center of cooperation for the Mediterranean of the IUCN, the initiative MedWet, PIM, MedPlan, Tour du Valat and the International Association for Mediterranean Forests (AIFM).

The objective of this consortium is for NGOs to join forces in front of climate emergency, in order to develop more ambitious and more global projects allowing an integrated vision of the various biomes present in the Mediterranean basin, such as forests, wetland or marine areas. 

The vision of the consortium is based on the management, protection and enhancement of these different ecosystems to provide sustainable products and services for the well-being and health of current and future generations, while mobilizing and supporting local communities. 

Furthermore, the Consortium wants to create an active alert network in case of threats to biodiversity, which will allow decision-makers to be informed of projects that affect biodiversity for purpose to put in place avoidance measures as quickly as possible. 

During One Planet Summit (11/01/2021) the French president Mr. Macron spoke of an "exemplary Mediterranean", although it is under strong human pressure in particularly by its high tourist traffic (which makes the Mediterranean basin the world’s leading tourist destination). These important politic speeches will help the Consortium to be quickly identified as a major actor in the protection of biodiversity in the Mediterranean, with the presentation of the first Consortium project at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (to be held from 3 to 11 of September 2021 in Marseille (France). 



first picture: from INHERIT partnership

second picture: free photo from pexels.com