An underwater museum in the heart of Marseille (France)

Off Catalan Beach in the heart of Marseille, an underwater museum was created in 2020, slowed down by the current health crisis.

The museum now has 10 submerged statues with the recent arrival of the sculpture "Résilience" by Thierry Trivès, representing a free diver. This sculpture has the particularity of being connected. Thanks to its HD camera and various sensors, the statue will provide real-time data on the quality of the water: temperature, pH and oxygen levels.

Immersed at the depth of 5 meters and 100 meters from the beach, the 10 statues have in common that they are all made from recycled marine cement with a neutral pH. their composition allows them to create an artificial reef for local aquatic fauna and flora.

This museum is at the same time a cultural, educational and touristic place, but above all a place dedicated to the environment and the protection of biodiversity.

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