Drawing SOS on 8 beaches for the Posidonia banks (France)

To raise awareness about the Posidonia banks, which have been designated as the "lung of the Mediterranean" for their oxygen production, a large SOS will be drawn simultaneously on 8 beaches throughout the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. A digital platform will also be set up to offer entertaining quizzes and videos to inform the public about the benefits of this biological resource.

This marine plant is  a central element of the Mediterranean ecosystem: for the fauna first, for whom it serves as a habitat and “nursery” for young fish. It also represents a tool in the fight against global warming due to its large carbon dioxide storage capacity (up to 1.500 tonnes per hectare).

Finally, it also protects the coasts from erosion by forming "Posidonia benches". These natural heaps on the beaches, made up of dead plants, often make people wince when they come to sunbathe on the sand. But these heaps participate in the protection of these sites by creating a natural defense against the erosion of the coasts.

For more: https://vu.fr/msoF