Flamingo returns to Croatia’s Nin lagoon

Residents of the Croatian town of Nin in Dalmatia have gotten a pleasant surprise as a flamingo returned to its most famous beach, the Queen’s Beach in Nin lagoon.

The flamingo in Nin belongs to the group of so-called European flamingos that have slightly lighter feather colours. The Nin Tourist Board advises all visitors to be careful and not to get too close to the bird since the flamingo visits the most popular place in town where people go for walks with small children.

The lagoon is calm in early spring and the bird is enjoying that oasis of peace, there is food and the environment is clean. Flamingos are one of the most instantly recognized wading birds in the world. Most have bright pink feathers, lengthy stick-like legs, and long, "S-curving" necks.

The Andean flamingo is the most threatened of all flamingo species due to the loss of its habitat. Other significant threats to flamingos in the wild include predators, illegal poaching for their feathers, and hunting for their eggs or tongues as a delicacy. Unfortunately, there are more plastic flamingos in the world than there are real ones. It was a rare opportunity that they could be seen in Europe (they also visited Nin in 2016 and 2017).




Photo credits: Boris Kačan Photography