"Pirates du plastique" to fight plastic pollution in the Calanques National Park of Marseille (France)

The "Pirates du plastique" (which means "plastic pirates") initiative started on Wednesday, May 5th. Coordinated by the National Park of the Calanques of Marseille, the City of Marseille and the metropolis of Aix-Marseille, this initiative brings together more than 30 partners in the region with the aim of reducing plastic pollution.

Nowadays it is estimated that 200.000 tons of plastic are dumped into the Mediterranean sea every year with a forecast of 400.000 tons in 2040 if no intervention takes place. 

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the local population to fight against plastic pollution, thanks to a large program of activities between the 5th of May and 26th of September 2021, on the territory of Marseille. 

A total of 30 activities are planned to invite the general public to join the initiative, among which there are: waste collection sessions in the creeks, on the beaches in Marseille but also in the sea by organizing sessions along the coast.

The initiative also includes games, awareness-raising activities on local biodiversity, and open-air cinema sessions. 

In parallel to their activities, the initiative has also drafted a "pirate code" that allows everyone to know and put into practice 12 simple principles to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle.

For more information: www.piratesduplastique.fr