University of Patras presented the INHERIT project at the Final Conference of P.A.T.H. project

On Monday, 29 March 2021, the University of Patras participated at the Final Conference of Interreg Greece-Italy project “Promoting Area Attractiveness through Hiking and Introducing a Different Touristic Approach - P.A.T.H.”

P.A.T.H project foresees the creation of thematic routes in both Greece and Italy, which offer visitors the chance to discover wetland routes, mountain trails, historical cultural trails and paths of unique natural beauty and biodiversity. The designation of the above routes is enhanced by the development of an integrated multimedia web-platform that allows end users to plan their visit according to their needs, to access never before published information on routes. In this sense, the focus of the P.A.T.H project is similar to the Pilot Actions of the INHERIT project. 

During the “Synergies: Tourism and local Governance- Case studies”, Mr. Vasileios Kokkinos (member of the INHERIT team for University of Patras) delivered the presentation with title: “Presentation of INHERIT project”. The purpose of this presentation was on the one hand to provide an overview of the INHERIT project to the participants and on the other hand to build synergies with the P.A.T.H. project.

In detail, it was agreed to include the videos and brochures of the six (6) thematic routes that were created by the University of Patras in the framework of the INHERIT A4.4 and A4.5 pilot actions to the P.A.T.H. Web-based platform. This event was also a great opportunity to present INHERIT project and its pilot actions and of course to disseminate the material (video, brochures) that was created in the framework of these pilot actions through the web-based platform of the P.A.T.H. project.

See the presentation here.