Workshop for ADPM (Portugal) for activity 5.5

On the 4th of May 2021, a workshop was held in the “Mata de VRSA”, which brought together 23 participants, between public and private entities with intervention in the Forest, intending to increase mutual knowledge and jointly analyzing proposals for improving their management, in particular concerning the impact of tourism. It was organized by ADPM, for activity 5.5. It was the first time these actors met together.

Participants were from the Ministry of the environment (responsible for the Mata), the Municipality (sports, tourism, environment, education, and youth), local police, fireman, marine police, scouts, a local association, the tourist operator of “Adventure park”, a tourist operator for cycling and walking tours.

After an introduction, where ADPM presented the INHERIT Project and the label of INHERITURA area, the 23 people were divided into 4 groups, to raise priority problems. 

The main problems identified were four:

  1. POORLY EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: lack of human and financial resources. Inarticulation of competencies between public entities. Non-existence of a general plan for spatial planning and use;
  2. LACK OF MONITORING AND SUPERVISION: lack of security for users of the forest. Uncontrolled access to sensitive areas of the forest. Illegal dumping of waste and rubbish in the forest. Improper parking.
  3. LACK OF MAINTENANCE of equipment, signs and other infrastructures of leisure and recreation, road network, fire lanes, information panels. Existence of illegal constructions, namely lofts, in the area of the forest, with serious visual and health impacts and violation of planning regulations.
  4. MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL HERITAGE: aging of the forest cover of the forest; Existence of invasive exotic plants, with a growing trend.

A lot of ideas to solve the problems were proposed and the meeting was considered so useful that the people asked for continuity and ICNF (Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas) agreed to meet again in a year's time to see what had been done in the meantime.

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