World Forest Day: 2780 tree seedlings planted in Zagreb's Maksimir Park (Croatia)

The first day of spring and World Forest Day was celebrated by the planting of 2780 seedlings of tree species in Zagreb's Maksimir Park.



The Croatian Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency co-financed the purchase of seedlings. Zagreb's Maksimir Park plans to plant a total of about 5,000 new trees.

This initiative is organized by the Public Institution Maksimir in cooperation with the Croatian Faculty of Forestry and co-financed by the Croatian Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Tomislav Ćorić, Minister of Tourism and Sport, Nikolina Brnjac, Mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomašević, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tugomir Majdak and Head of the Environmental Protection Sector, Aleksandra Čilić planted the trees at Zagreb's Maksimir Park on 22nd March 2002.

The Croatian Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency encourages investments in green infrastructure development in urban areas in order to adapt to the impact of climate change, restoration and biodiversity conservation. By planting these seedlings, a number of benefits to the inhabitants of this area will be provided with more favorable microclimate, better air quality, noise reduction etc. The tree planting in cities is one of the tools to adapt and mitigate climate change to create resilient and sustainable cities of the future.

In the City of Zagreb, 18 nature areas suffer the great pressure from visitors and climate change, those areas are protected by the Nature Protection Act in the category of park architecture monuments. One of the basic phenomena due to which Maksimir Park is protected by the Nature Protection Act as a monument of park architecture is the autochthonous pedunculat and sessile oak and hornbeam forest. Having a natural forest near the city center is a privilege, but also an obligation to preserve this forest for future generations.